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Portech Systems Ltd (Portech) is a Wireless and Mobile computer solutions provider. Established in 1992 we have over a decade of experience in the mobile enterprise solutions market. Our expertise lies in developing and supporting cutting edge wireless software applications to improve business productivity.

Organisations who have automated their mobile worker and workforce with our solutions have enjoyed improved customer satisfaction, reduction in costs and errors associated with manual data entry. They have also enjoyed the ability to gain access to vital decision-making information any time anywhere such as product data and inventory.

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Today a large proportion of the workforce operates outside the typical office set-up. It is highly likely that they utilize inefficient and costly tools and time consuming processes to gather data to complete their tasks.
Advancements in Enterprise Mobility technologies have begun to improve the situation, and today this allows the mobile worker to become a more efficient asset to the company. There has been a significant shift in the attitude towards mobile devices and the explosion of the Smart-phone, tablets and rugged mobile devices running various platforms have been a deciding factor in this shift. The shift is about whether a mobile device is just a digital calendar or a vital element of an enterprise extension of process and system. Read more...

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A growing number of organisations that employ mobile workers are implementing Mobility Solutions. According to Forrester Research there are over 80 million mobile workers in Western Europe, which will increase to over 99 million mobile workers by 2007. That number includes field service technicians, employees of utilities and government, transportation workers, field sales representatives and order fulfilment and parcel delivery workers.
Analyst firm, IDC, has forecast that the annual revenues from the Western European mobility services market will grow from $2.2 billion in 2002 to over $7 billion in 2007. By implementing the right Mobility Solution for your business, you too can increase efficiency and save time and money.Read more...
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Enterprise Mobility today is an essential element of any business organization, enabling personnel to be always connected to their data unhindered by their location. In order for a businesses to cope with the competitive environment, it has become critical to adopt mobility technologies into the enterprise regardless of size, nature or purpose with the times.

For over two decades mobile data collection has been at the heart of our focus, providing end to end mobility solutions to the enterprise.

Our experience has allowed us to completely understand the challenges a business faces when it comes to deploying a mobile solution outside the  four walls or within and keeping abreast of new mobile technologies has allowed our solutions to be always uptodate.

Challenges such as selecting the appropriate mobile device i.e. Smartphones, tablets or rugged devices to integration with existing back end business software and everything in between.

We have the ability and expertise to guide you through the maze of the mobile enterprise world and can facilitate the transition from paper based business operations to a streamlined and ever more productive enterprise mobility solution with minimum disturbance to the business.

Our philosophy has always been to provide mobile enterprise  apps  that are tailored to your specific requirements allowing the  business to truly benefit from mobilising the workforce.

Call us today for a preliminary chat to get the ball rolling for taking your business mobile or maybe upgrading your exisitng legacy app to the latest OS.

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